Professional Dog Grooming Services

We offer professional grooming services at our veterinary hospital. Our groomer loves pets and has the knowledge and experience to groom dogs of all coat types and temperaments.

Sedatives are usually not necessary and will never be administered without prior authorization from the owner. However, if human or animal safety become compromised, the owner will be contacted and permission for the use of a sedative will be discussed.

Based on your pet's needs, we can provide a combination of the following during a grooming session:

  • Bathing: shampoo & conditioning
  • Nail trimming & grinding
  • Breed-specific haircuts
  • De-shedding treatments
  • Ear cleaning
  • Brushing & de-matting
  • Full haircuts

The duration of a grooming session depends on the size of your pet, and the coat type and length. It also depends on what types of services are required to groom them. 

How much does grooming cost?

The cost of grooming varies depending on your pet's breed and size, and the type of coat they have. Whether or not your pet has any significant behavioral issues can also affect the cost. For a better idea of cost, please contact us for an estimate.