Wellness & Preventative Care

At the beginning of every wellness exam at Animalcare Portmore, your veterinarian will ask you questions to obtain a complete medical history for your pet. This way, we can determine right away if there have been any changes in health or behavior since your last visit. Your pet’s veterinarian will then assess your pet’s overall appearance and body condition during a physical examination.


Vaccinating your pet is a relatively inexpensive but very important way to protect his or her health. In addition to preventing many life-threatening illnesses, vaccinations can prevent diseases prevalent in wildlife and those that can be passed to humans. It’s important to administer vaccinations when pets are puppies and kittens because their young immune systems are still developing and need protection to stay healthy.

Surgical Care incl.

Spay & Castration

Spaying or neutering your pet can help them live a longer, healthier life, minimize behavior problems, and help control the population of unwanted dogs and cats. Spaying, also called an "ovariohysterectomy," is a surgical procedure in which both ovaries and uterus are completely removed from your female pet while they are under general anesthesia. Castrating refers to the surgical procedure in which both testicles are removed while your male pet is under general anesthesia.

Dental Care

Protect your pet’s oral health with dog dental care services to keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthy and pain-free. Some owners neglect this aspect of pet care because of their mistaken impression that animals don’t need any dental care because they don't have any dental problems. Not true.

Pet Emergencies

If your pet is injured or if you're concerned about your pet's symptoms or behaviors, don't hesitate to contact our office. You won't need to make an appointment but call ahead if possible. Call us as normal during regular business hours and take your pet to Animalcare Portmore. After normal hours call (876) 897-8188 which is our after-hours emergency number.

After-hours emergencies are dealt with in Kingston at our main hospital located at 4 Goodwood Terrace, Kingston 10. You must call first and there is an emergency surcharge which will be added to your bill.


(Pet Care in your Home)

Animalcare Portmore is committed to offering House Call Services to help reduce the stress on pets and their owners. Generally, house calls are appropriate for:

  • Wellness examinations
  • Minor injuries
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood draws for testing
  • Ear cleaning and similar basic procedures
  • At Home Euthanasia

House call services are performed by a veterinarian and an accompanying assistant. Sick animals can be assessed at home and simple diagnostics and limited treatments performed.

Pet pick up service is available if needed, through our Kingston branch, and is recommended for more complicated procedures and treatments.


Animalcare Portmore offers limited on-site boarding in the event your pet requires additional care or monitoring due to a medical condition or veterinary surgery. At our animal hospital in Kingston, non-medical pet boarding is offered as a service to our patients to make it possible for our clients to leave home for short periods knowing that their pets are well cared for. Our expert team is uniquely qualified to take care of your pet, especially if they have special medical needs.

Pet Grooming

Grooming is an integral part of your pet’s health as it keeps your furry friend comfortable and happy. Regular grooming removes dead hair, dirt, dandruff and prevents matting. and regularly groomed dogs have a healthier and shinier coat as brushing and grooming brings out the natural oils in the fur. 

Our highly experienced groomer will always check for any abnormalities, including ticks, fleas, dry patches, unusual bumps or skin lesions, and if necessary, report the findings to a veterinarian for medical care.

Shop Pet and
Pharmacy Products

Animalcare Portmore offers a variety of high-quality, veterinary-recommended pet foods and supplies for sale to our clients and to local pet owners. Many of our products are unique in Jamaica as a result of our direct relationship with one of the largest manufacturer of pet supplies in the United States. We aim to offer for sale pet foods and pet products of the highest quality as this is what should be expected when you buy from a veterinary clinic. 

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